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I'd like to take this time
to say I'm sorry
for the person that I am but not for who I was
and for all the things I said
you know I didnt mean them
please forgive me
you gave that look
as you slapped my face
then you walked away

as I screamed at you
you never looked back
i'll always love you
untill my dieing breath
and hopefully you'll change your mind
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    kids in the way

(no subject)

in a dream you angered me to blood
a daydream where hands are stained
or a reality where calloused hands tear
and breathing slows with pressure
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Let me be the light.

Tonight is a nice time to die.

My heart can hardly wait until the air becomes bitter and decides to blanket the earth with frozen precipitation. Then I will be able to reclaime the soil by melting away the disappointment with my tears of hatred.
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    Black Dahlia Murder - Closed Casket Requiem